The Goring and Streatley Sustainability Group (GSSG) has been working to identify, implement and integrate sustainability projects into the community since 2006. We are based in the villages of Goring and Streatley on the Oxfordshire, Berkshire boundary. The group is a voluntary based not for profit organisation that has strong support within the community and surrounding businesses.

One of our projects that came to fruition in March 2012 was the opening of the new allotments and formation of a new allotment society. Since 2006 our headline project has been the development of a Hydro Power Project on Goring Weir.


The proposed scheme is a small-scale community led 0.3 MW hydro electric  project located on the Thames River between the villages of Goring and Streatley. This will generate on average 1,000 Megawatt hours per annum of renewable electricity. This is equivalent to providing electricity to approximately 300 homes from a previously wasted energy resource.

Please support this significant community initiative


If you are interested in helping us in any way we would like to hear from you.  We need professional help in several areas – financial, legal, engineering – and will soon be looking for help in publicity and PR.  We have got this far with a small group of volunteers, but we do need to expand the group if we are going to succeed.  Please drop us an email on contactus@gssg.org.uk if you think you can help, or just want to know more about the project.

We have funded the early stages of project development with help from a number of grants and donations. It is intended that the project will be funded by a share offer which will encourage local ownership of this scheme. For further details please see the Hydropower Project page.

Please take five minutes to answer our quick survey to help us gauge interest in the community share issue