Hydropower Project

Welcome to Goring and Streatley Sustainability Group (GSSG). Since 2006 our headline project has been the development of a Hydro Power Project on Goring Weir.

Please email us at ContactUs@gssg.org.uk to be put on our mailing list to be kept informed about progress with the Hydro Power Project.

Other projects have also been ongoing with particular success with the opening of the new allotments in March 2012.

The proposed Hydro Power Project is a small-scale community led 0.3 MW hydro electric project located on the Thames River in the villages of Goring and Streatley on the Oxfordshire, Berkshire boundary.

A feasibility study has been carried out to install three Archimedes screws which will generate on average 1,000 Megawatt hours per annum of renewable electricity. This is equivalent to providing electricity to approximately 300 homes from a previously wasted energy resource.

Archimedes screws historically were used to pump water but now are becoming an increasingly popular choice for generating electricity for small-scale hydro projects due to their relatively simple structure, fish friendly design and efficiency at low heads. Water passes through the screw, turning it through its downward force and this is used to generate electricity that can be sold to consumers or exported to the grid.

The Goring and Streatley Sustainability Society funded the early stages of project development with help from a number of grants and donations.

In March 2016 we obtained detailed planning approval for the scheme.  Unfortunately there has been a legal challenge to the process by which South Oxfordshire District Council (the planning authority) reached its conclusions, and we are having to wait for a judicial review in the High Court to see whether the planning consent will be overturned. When this has been resolved, we will be seeking investment through a community share issue where you can become a co-owner of the project.

In order to help take the project to this next stage we need help to make us “investment ready”. You can help us make the Goring and Streatley Hydro Power Project a reality if you can offer your time in any of the following areas:

Public relations, financial planning, sales, and later in project and contract management, as well as in the operation and maintenance of the scheme.