Ideas for Action!

Our first two Green Drinks sessions appear to have been a great success and we will continue holding these.  They will continue to be 7:30-8:30pm at the Catherine Wheel in Goring on the first Wednesday of the month.  The next ones will be on the 7th December and the 1st February as we will be having a break for January.

Although, the aim of the Green Drinks sessions is to have an informal social gathering, one of the things that has come out of them is an interest in a number of potential activities for GSSG aside from the hydro scheme.  Ideas suggested so far include:

  • Undertaking a ‘green asset’ audit of the villages
  • A cycling and walking improvement campaign
  • Talks… ideas for subjects welcome…either with speakers in mind or otherwise (to be held either as separate events or for speakers to come to green drinks)
  • Getting hold of another thermal imaging camera for a another housing efficiency study
  • Getting young people involved
  • Organising a birdsong walk
  • Holding an electric bike demonstration day
  • Having a talk to the group from the Goring neighbourhood plan team

Volunteers needed for taking an active role
Given the interest in such a wide selection of activities (including the hydro scheme), for any of these to happen we really need to get some more active volunteers on board to help organise things. Any skillsets are welcome, even just keenness and enthusiasm will do!

If you would like to put yourself forward for getting involved, please get in touch with us at

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